Video 1: Welcome!! We’re so glad you’re here!!

Watch this video and comment below when you’re finished ????

Video #2: Seed to Seal & EO Chemistry

Video # 3

More chemistry and constitutes ????

Video #4 Types of Blending!!

Video #5 carrier oils!

Video #6 what is an Oil Batch?

Video #7

Let’s make a nasal inhaler!!

Video #8 let’s make a roller bottle!!

Video #9 elevate your skin!

Video #10 Let make some Bath Salts ????


Thank you for joining us tonight and bearing with our shenanigans ????

If you don’t have oils yet we would love for you to join our oils family! Check back with the person who invited you or go here

Interested in getting a scan to help you figure out which oils your body needs? Great!! We have several members with either Zyto or Itovi scanners who are willing to help you!



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