POST #1 Welcome my Pretties!

Welcome to all you GORGEOUS WITCHES! We’re so glad you are here! Watch this quick video to give you the rundown about how this class will go tonight

2POST #2 What Are Essential Oils?

Let’s start with the basics! Check out a little information about what these magic little bottles contain!

Did you know that Young Living is the ONLY essential oils company that offers the Seed to Seal Quality Commitment? It makes ALL the difference and is why I chose Young Living over any other brand! You can read more about it here!


POST #3 Way to use essential oils

Three lovely ways to use oils!


POST #4 Where did you learn your Witchy Ways?

I LOVED this movie as a child and still find myself drawn to it as an adult!


POST #5 Hormones – The Witchmakers!

Okay…let’s be real…our hormones can mess with our Good Witch hopes in a BIG way!

Hormones are chemical messengers that are made by the endocrine glands and released into the blood. The gut, heart, fat, skin, kidneys and so much more also have endocrine functions. Hormones regulate growth, development, metabolism, reproduction, mood and more.

We give hormones a bad name because they can mess with our wellbeing in a HUGE way but the truth is that they can be awesome too! If you want A LOT more detail but in a fun way check out this video on the Endocrine system. If not…that’s ok too. I just wanted to take care of all those Science-Based Witches out there!


POST #6 Endoflex

Whoooo when those hormones get out of whack this little baby can help bring you back to the good witch side! A little Balance in a bottle anyone?

POST #7 Story Time

A brief witchy tale that is near and dear to my heart. Enjoy!


POST #8 A few ideas to help tame the beast!



POST #9 A little love potion?

Looks like there is some love potion action happening in this clip from Bewitched!


POST #10 Wow that Wizard

Here are a few ideas to WOW that Wizard of yours! Oils and the bedroom are a REALLLLYYYY fun mix!

Have you ever attended a Lucy Libido Oil Class? We have one coming up soon! Let us know if you want to join us for some more information about oils in the bedroom!

POST #11 Amok Amok Amok

Wowza those are some crazy looking witches! The next few posts are about how not to LOOK like a witch!


POST #12 Witchy Hair? Have no fear!

Riding on that broomstick have your hair all crazy?!? Here are a few recipes to help tame it!


POST #13 More Hair Ideas

A few more ideas for your hair! Did you know Young Living has an awesome blog?

Healthy hair, don’t care! 3 essential oil DIYs for hair


POST #14 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

NO ONE wants to look like a witch unless it’s for a costume!! Here are a few recipes for ways to keep your face a little more “Glinda” and a little less “Wicked Witch of the West”

POST #15 More DIY Skin Care Ideas

5 DIYs Skin Care recipes for your skin type


POST #16 Savvy Minerals

So pretty. So natural. So safe. Nothing remotely witchy about this amazing makeup.


POST #17 Brooms are for Cleaning not for Flying!

Nothing is scarier than the chemicals in storebought cleaners! Here are some DIY recipes to help keep those chemicals out of your home!


POST #18 Thieves Comparison

Yuck talk about EVIL! Look at the ingredients in the Level Chemical! Yikes!!! I’m a Level Natural Witch myself and I am happy with that!


POST #19 Okayyyyyyy You’ve seen so many things to help control the witch but there is a whole kit to help you out! Here’s the BEST way to get started with Young Living and how to order. Just make sure you talk to whoever invited you to make sure you are getting in on Essential Reward (Good witches won’t let other witches miss out on free stuff!)


POST #20 Bye Bye Witches!

Thank you so much for joining us!

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