welomeWelcome sweet friends!! ????

We are so very thankful for each of you! And tonight we would like to take the time to help you prepare your hearts for a joyful holiday season ❤️

I’ll post links to all the content right here so it’ll be easy to get back to.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Your oily family

humilityPost 2 Christi Kirkpatrick with Sage and Humility


Life is full of emotions and my girls are no exception. That have both scanned for oils for their big emotions. Even though they are old enough to tell me that oils don’t work (and boy do they tell me) they still know what works for them and when they are really struggling they ask for the oils they need.

So I will tell you even when your teen says oils don’t work for emotions they will come to you when they really need them as long as the lines of communication are open. We can feel like we are failing them all the time but keep talking to them. They will come to you when they need you. ????

Wow. I wasn’t planning on saying any of that, but since it came out I am going to assume someone in this class needs to hear it.

????Merry Christmas Mama! You are doing an amazing job! Hugs and love for you and your kiddos. ❣️❣️

post3Post 3 Sarah Pope Cook with White Angelica & Valor

Love ya girl!! Thank you for sharing so openingly with your loss and hope! ????


stress awayPost 4: Megan Rochowiak-Snow with Stress Away!!

So thankful for you Megan!! And love that this is your signature oil!! ????



ylang ylangPost 5: Ari Harvey Hunniford with Ylang Ylang and Frank!!

What can I say? This amazing lady knows no limits, if there is a will there is a way and she’s going to find it ???? thanks for inspiring me girl and challenging me to dream bigger!


believePost 6: Megan Harrouff with Believe and White Angelica

Not going to lie I haven’t watched this one yet, I will after class but y’all she already warned me that she cries and i need to be able to see the computer.

I love ya to pieces Meg! Thanks for being there through thick and thin!


motivationPost 7: my handsome hubby Joshua Wysong with motivation

Y’all this is the man behind the scenes! He carries (sometimes pushing me) through the tough and hard to do, he is my IT department fixing every computer issues and he loves on our kids (often times finishing up dinner) when I am present with y’all! I don’t know what I would do without him ????


releasePost 8: Jamie L. Ross with Release

Y’all this lady right here greeted us when we arrived to Missouri! I literally have pics of her carrying Zachary as an infant! She loves with out questions or judgment ❤️ and is a friend whether you think you need one or not (thank you for continuing to knock on this hermits door) she didn’t even turn me away when she thought I was going to kill her with lavender!! ???? #Iwasright

Love ya girl! Thanks for being by my side from the beginning!


harmonyPost 9: Abby Wilkey with Harmony

Abby is another sweet heart that has been with us since the very beginning!!


peace and calmingPost 10: Corrie Kraft with Peace & Calming

Good Lord brought this lady to me, literally as we were driving from Missouri to Colorado to move!

I had just left Megan Harrouff were we had lost our “marbles” on the stoop outside of a library we held class in and I was trying to figure out how on earth I would find more friends like this in Colorado and poof, there was Corrie!

Lady you inspire me so much simply watching you pour love into your team!


Thank YOU for an amazing year!
Thank YOU for helping turn our sweet team into a family!
Thank YOU for showing up!!

Every one of you have touched our lives in one way or another!

From all the leaders you have seen tonight and those behind the scenes that couldnt join us tonight,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


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