welcome1 – Welcome!

Let’s Get Started!! Hello and welcome! Are you like me? Did you just get through all of the holiday craziness and realized the cold weather will be hanging around for a bit longer? I know it can be a little depressing. But no worries!! Whether you’re freezing up north or chilly in the south, I’ve got some ways to brighten your day and get you through the rest of winter with a smile on your face!

Tonight’s event is only going to be referring to Young Living essential oils and supplements. My family has had some really amazing success with Young Living and I have seen first hand how our oils are harvested and distilled. I know that the company takes extra care in guaranteeing purity in their quality products. Plus, I have babies at home, I want the best for them. And Young Living is the best friends.

what is sad2 – What is SAD?

Until about 3 years ago, I had never heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s a mood disorder that affects people with otherwise normal mental health. Symptoms can include having a hard time waking up in the morning, nausea, tendency to oversleep and over eat, cravings for carbs, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating or completing tasks, withdrawal from friends, family and social activities and decreased sex drive. This sounds very similar to clinical depression, right? But the difference is, it’s seasonal.

During the winter time, we often do less exercise because it’s cold. We are not outside soaking up that vitamin D and our sleep patterns get all outta whack because it gets so dark so early. We can’t just go to bed at 5:00 when the sun goes downs! And we can’t afford to sleep away the dreary months like the bears ???? So our serotonin levels drop, our melatonin levels are all jacked and our vitamin D is low.

There are so many ways that you can help yourself during this time! So let’s see if we can find a way to help our bodies make it thru the next couple months shall we?

calming oils3 – Oils For Calming

Y’all know I’m going to talk about oils right? That is one of the quickest, easiest ways to get your mood boosted. There have been a lot of studies done over the years showing how the smell receptor sites in our nasal cavity have a direct link to the brain, via the olfactory bulbs. They have also found that people with SAD are especially responsive to aromatherapy.

I don’t know about you but sometimes, I get a little anxious about things when I’m struggling. I have found that these oils and blends have made a big difference for me. Just smelling them from a diffuser or on some diffuser jewelry is a great way to get those neurotransmitters (like serotonin and dopamine) exerted! You can even make a roller bottle diluted with a few of your favorite oils! I would suggest choosing 2-3 of your favorites from below and smell them often during the day! Even apply them while you sleep as well!

Citrus Oils – Lemon, bergamot, orange, citrus fresh, jade lemon and others

Other Young Living Oils – Joy, Valor, Peace & Calming, Rose, Sandalwood, Stress Away, Lavender, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Harmony, and so many others!

44 – Oils To Get You Moving

So maybe you don’t experience the occasional anxiety. Maybe you just don’t wanna get up and off the couch! I HEAR YOU! It’s hard. There are days that I didn’t go anywhere. I wouldn’t answer the phone or even cook a meal. It. Was. Rough! Often times I just use oils to get my butt moving.

Here’s some different oils you can try! – Cedarwood, Eucalyptus globulus, orange, lemon, black pepper, grapefruit, jasmine, rosemary and others.

One of my fave things about Young Living is that we have an amazing line up of supplements. You know how powerful our oils are right? Well, our supplements have our oils in them, which helps increase the bioavailability…which translates to “you’re not wasting your money on supplements! Your body will absorb more of these supplements and you’ll see better results” Here are a few supplements that can help with getting back to your old self!

Super B- It has been shown that the diets of many Americans do not provide the recommended amounts of B vitamins. B vitamins are particularly important during times of stress when reserves are depleted. Our methylated B supplement uses a special formulaion process to isolate the various vitamins so that they are released at different times to avoid stomach upset.

Life 9- This is a Young Living supplement that helps supports a healthy gut. I’ll talk more about this one soon, but just know, when it comes to anxiety and mood, it makes a HUGE difference if you get your gut in check!

MultiGreens- a nutritious chlorophyll formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous and circulatory systems. MultiGreens is made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp and Young Living oils.

There are so many more, but these are great ones to get started with. Give yourself 30 to 60 days of consistency and see how you feel after taking these. I have found really great success with them.

55 – Get Some Sleep

Remember, during the winter time, the sun goes down early. So your body produces more melatonin, which happens naturally in the winter months. But, we can’t go to bed just because it’s dark, so we fight our inner clock that tells us to sleep when the sun goes down. Which in turn has it’s own ramifications on our body!

Thankfully, Young Living has multiple products that help us get a good night’s sleep that help our body restore it’s natural balance.
One of the easiest ways to help yourself with your sleep is using our oils and diffusers! Here are a couple of my favorite oils that I put into our bedtime diffuser.

There are many more, but these are my faves! Frankincense, Stress Away, Lavender, Cedarwood, Release, Peace & Calming, Valor and Roman Chamomile. I play with the combos of oils until I come up with a couple that work for me.

We’re also pretty dang lucky in the supplements department here as well. I’ve used things like SleepEssence, Progessence Plus and Immupro to help me get a good night’s sleep.

Young Living also has a few premade roll-ons that help my family. I bet they’d help yours too! My ultimate knock me out one is the Rutavala roll-on. Talk about sleep coma ???? But also, the Stress Away, Valor and Tranquil roll-ons. I just swipe my wrists and behind my ears and go to sleep! I also sometimes put them on my kiddos as well. Just a quick swipe up their spines and off to bed.

66 – Vitamin D Deficiency

We talked about how the sun no longer is out as long, remember? And we know that vitamin D comes from the sun right? Well guess what is common during the winter months ???? It’s cold, so we aren’t staying out as long as we used to as well. Vitamin D deficiency is super common in the winter months.
So how do you help? It is said that the average adult needs 2000 IUs, even more when they get little to no sun. Now I take 5000 IUs. It’s what my dr and I have worked out. Not only is it good for my mood, but it’s great for our immune systems as well!

Young Living has vitamin D in a lot of supplements, like OmegaGize, Super Cal Plus and Master Formula. But for those of us who are not out in the sun, we’re gonna need more. So here are two quality companies that myself and other leaders buy so we can get the 2000+ IUs that we’re after: Seeking Healthy and Designs for Health. Both can be found on Amazon. Make sure you’re buying from a reliable source thou. I personally have gotten the drops and the capsules with added vitamin K and have gotten good results with both.

One last thing about vitamin D deficiency. The liver is the organ that transforms the sun into vitamin D. That means those of us with fatty livers, hepatitis, and chronic liver disease really need to make sure we are helping our bodies. There are products that Young Living sells that can support our liver as well. Just applying release over your liver, drinking Ningxia Red, Juva Cleanse oil and good old Orange Essential Oil applied over your spleen or a drop or 2 in your water are some of the options that might help support a healthy liver! Either way, a little help in the liver support wouldn’t’ hurt any of us, right?

seratonin7 – Serotonin And The Gut

Did you know that serotonin is our “feel good” hormone? And science has linked SAD to reduced levels of serotonin. And get this! Eating carbs increases serotonin levels, so no wonder we are tempted to binge eat all the cookies and cakes and junk during the holidays! They have even realized that during the winter months, most people have lower levels of serotonin in their bodies! SO, how can we help ourselves during this time?

Well, serotonin is found mostly in your digestive system!! Who knew?! Actually, I’m guessing some of you knew ???? But a healthy gut is key to a happy mood and less anxiety! So here are my tips. Get yourself some Life 9 (Young Living’s amazing probiotic) and choose from 1 of Young Living’s 5 different enzymes.

In our house we use all 5 depending on what we are dealing with. But a probiotic to help keep the good bacteria in your gut and an enzyme to help your body digest the foods that we are eating, taken consistently, will make a huge difference.

Did you know I read that a good gut can also help with brain function? I don’t see a reason not to add these to your supplement regimen!

88 – Sunlight And Exercise

This kinda seems like a no brainer huh? But GET YOUR TOOSHIE OUTSIDE! When there is sun, go out!! Try to do 30 minutes for at least 3 days a week or so. And if you can, exercise! Walk, run, do palates, pay fetch with Fido. Anything to get your muscles moving. Exercise helps a ton with mood and anxiety! Promise!

If you’re like some of my friends who’s joints hurt and you need a little extra help, I want you to try our Cool Azul Pain Cream. Rub that on your back, your knees, your wrists before and after you go exercise. You can also try Sulfurzyme, AgilEase and BLM which are supplements that will help your body with muscles and joints!

99- Support Your Whole Body

Taking a multivitamin is associated with a boost in energy levels, feelings of well being, as well as a decrease in stress and anxiety. Often times we think, “Oh I get what I need thru my diet” Which could be true. But even if you’re eating all organic food, it’s been said that our soil is so depleted that we are still missing a lot of the nutrients we need.

Sometimes I get asked what is the best over all multivitamin to start with. Hands down I would tell you we have 2 and they complement each other. Ningxia Red and Master Formula. Ningxia Red delivers a balanced blend of ingredients to support your overall health and wellness. By effectively supporting energy levesl and helping prevent against oxidative stress, tis the perfect super fruit infusion for a healthy lifestyle. Master Formula combines antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and food based nutrion. It helps scavenge free radicals. It includes digestion supporting PREbiotics and it features our proprietary vegetarian formula.

If you really want to get all of the details, go here and watch from my favorite pharmacist and educator, Lindsay Elmore https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ningxia+red+and+master+formula&view=detail&mid=E336F07BE59399CA4CF8E336F07BE59399CA4CF8&FORM=VIRE

thank you10 – Thank you

First of all, I want to say Thank You to my friend Christi Kirkpatrick who made all of tonight’s graphics for me!! I don’t know what I’d do without her help!

I also want to thank you all for taking time out of your day to come learn with us. I know that your time is valuable and I hope that I was able to help you tonight find ways to stay happy this winter.

Make sure you get these oils and supplements on your next essential rewards order so that you get what you need as soon as you can.

Not a member yet? Feel free to reach out to the person who invited you to this event and they will help you get started!!

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