I am SUPER pumped about Young Living’s promos for March!!

We have the opportunity to get up to $203.28 worth of oily goodness for free! and this doesn’t include the possible essential reward points that we can earn!

Lets dig in and learn a little more about this amazing line up! <3






First up a free 5ml of Valor at 100pv on Essential Rewards!!

Oh my goodness! This is absolutely one of my most favorite blends! I squealed with delight when I found out it was one of March’s free oils!

Try applying valor on your spine and feet before applying other oils, it can help balance your body so that everything else works even better! Plus is smells amazing and is great for giving you the added courage needed to make it those times you need to be brave. Like giving a speech, making it through try outs, or asking your boss for a raise!

I also apply this one to my shoulders before going in big crowds! I think of it as my Momma super cape! Cause taking my kids out in crowds is when I need help being my bravest!

When do you need to be your bravest self?



Next up on Essential Rewards, a 5ml of Clarity at 190PV

Need a wake up call? Have “foggy brain”? Struggling with what to do next? Simply can’t focus?

Try Clarity!

Apply one drop on your forehead or apply a drop to your wrists and rub on the back your neck. Once you have the power of this outstanding little bottle you’ll never go without it!

What pops up in your day to day life that you could use more clarity on?





Receive a free 5ml bottle Juvaflex for 190 pv on Essential Rewards or a one time order! Which means you can earn this oil for free twice this month! Once on ER and once via one time order!

Oh, I’m loving that we get JuvaFlex for free this month!

It’s a powerhouse oil that I use twice a day and never want to be without. Juvaflex is a blend that helps with the liver and lymphatic detoxification. Your liver filters everything in your blood, all day, everyday, 24/7/365. It never gets a break and has to work extra hard when it has a lot of junk to filter out. (like if you live around a lot of chemicals, if you’ve been exposed to heavy metals, eat poorly or hold on to a lot of anger and resentment)

Did you know the emotions of anger and hate create toxins that are stored in the liver that can lead to sickness and disease? JuvaFlex, can help break additions to coffee, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. It contains: Geranium, Rosemary, Roman Camomile, Fennel, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, and sesame seed oil.

With all those liver protection properties it helps expels toxins to strengthen the liver functions.

Do you have skin issues? I didn’t realize how much JuvaFlex was helping with mine until I ran out. I keep a roller fitment on my bottle and apply over my liver twice a day, but you can use JuvaFlex Vitality internally to support your healthy liver and lymphatic system. How do you use JuvaFlex?


At 250pv on one time order or essential rewards you will receive this adorable oil bag for free!! (just like the juvaflex you can earn 2 bags for free this month!)

This gorgeous lilac inhale exhale oil bag has 6 loops for 15 ml bottles and 6 loops for 5ml bottles. Nothing is more stressful that needing an oil and not being able to get to it quick and with this sweet little bag you’ll be able to keep your oils close at hand and look classy while you’re at it!

Which oils do you take with you on the go?





At 300 pv on Essential Reward or a one time order you’ll receive a 15ml of Gentle Babies!

Have you ever smelled this precious blend? Ahhhhh… take a deep breath in, now slowly let out and allow the calm to wash over you. Its that precious!

Have a fussy baby? or perhaps a baby that just scratched themselves? (Don’t worry new Mommas, it happens and I think it hurts our heart more than it hurts them.) Try applying just a drop to the bottom of their tiny little feet and watch the calm wash over both of you!

Guess what else this precious little oil is good for? Stretch marks!!  Yep that’s right try applying it to your tummy to ease some of those marks left behind after 9 months of carrying your little one.

You can also use 3 drops of this along with 3 drops of lavender in some coconut and shea butter to smooth those tired tootsies of yours. You deserve it Momma, go on and give it a try!

What are some other ways you use Gentle Baby?


If you’re not a member yet you can join our family like community today! Go here to grab your premium starter kit now and also receive a free bottle of Lavender lotion plus a super sweet swag bag from me!

Have a fabulous March sweet friends!


Donna Wysong

Young Living Platinum Leader

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