Oh, my goodness. I’ve mentioned before that I love to cook with my oils! I am not a baker, but something like chocolate covered pretzels is an easy peasy way that I can make something sweet without too much “damage” in my kitchen. But, I took those easy chocolate covered pretzels to a gourmet level by using my essential oils to flavor my chocolate!


Just one drop of orange, peppermint, or my favorite, citrus fresh per bar of almond bark, and even my kiddo who “hates pretzels” loves my chocolate covered pretzels.

Drops of Faith_Citrus Fresh_essential Oil_detox_0020_600px




-Almond Bark Chocolate

-Citrus Fresh, Peppermint, or Orange Essential Oil

 Melt chocolate in microwave. Add one drop of essential oil per cube of chocolate. (7 cubes = 7 drops of Essential Oil) Roll pretzel in chocolate to cover and place on wax paper to cool.


Megan Harrouff

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