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In the Patterson house we get all sorts of aches and pains. Recently, we’ve had shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, tension headaches, and belly aches. We alleviate these daily pains with two words: Deep Relief!

Deep Relief Roll On

Deep Relief is a blend that comes in a handy dandy roll on bottle and is pre-diluted with coconut oil. I personally love it because it’s ready to go wherever I go. It’s also fairly inexpensive.
Our family has benefited greatly from using Deep Relief. Even my 70 something year old grandfather has had success easing his shoulder pain by using this awesome little gem. It is a staple in our home and is one of the products you will see on my essential rewards monthly order. Also, I found that it pairs great with lemongrass and valor for those really stubborn everyday pains.

Deep Relief Essential Oil

So, with all of that being said… if you’re in need of relief, like serious, “deep relief” but you’re not quite ready for the PanAway, then go ahead and give Deep Relief a try (don’t get me wrong, we love PanAway too)! The only things you have to lose are your aches and pains!


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