“Dizzy from Ringgold” Asks Abby:

I have a friend with vertigo and my Mom has dealt with vertigo off and on for a year. I don really understand it and would like to know if there are any essential oils to help?

For those unaware of what vertigo is, it is a feeling of dizziness; a confused or disoriented feeling.

Dear Dizzy,

I have never personally dealt with vertigo myself, nor do I have any successful testimonies (of people I know) to offer you.

I love researching about an issue though and I would LOVE for you to try this and then give our group some feedback.

My research led me to 4 oils that I would try if I were suffering with vertigo:

Frankincense– often noted as the Holy oil. In the Middle East, this oil has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Frankincense was valued more than gold during the ancient times.

Frankincense can be used for infections, skin issues, combat stress, boost our immune system, ease sore throats and coughs.

This is one of those oils that it never hurts to use with any issue!

I would rub this behind my ears.

Melrose–  is a blend of Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove, and Niaouli. This blend has strong antiseptic properities to cleanse and disinfect cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. These oils can help regenerate and reduce inflammation.  It can also be diffused to dispel stinky odors and to purify the air.

We use Melrose when treating sickness, skin issues, bladder/urinary issues, and so much more.

This was actually a blend that I would have never thought up on my own, but was recommended while doing my research.

I would rub this behind my ears.

Valor– is a blend of fractionated coconut oil, Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense, & Blue Tansy. It can balance energies, and promote courage, & confidence.

Valor is called chiropractic in a bottle! It has been noted to help with dizziness before, clenching your jaw, snoring, stress, and sour moods.

This oil can also help with confusion.

Helichrysum— has many different medical properties. In the Essential Oil Pocket Reference, it says it is “anti-” coagulant, anesthetic, spasmodic, viral; it is a liver protectant/detoxifier/stimulant, chelates chemicals and toxins and regenerates nerves.

This oil is used for many things! It can help with STDs, hypertension, liver issues, blood issues, circulatory issues, skin issues, and more!


If I suffered from vertigo, I would apply 1 drop of Valor to my wrists, and 1 drop each of Frankincense, Melrose, and Helichrysum behind my ears and rub in in until the feeling subside.

If you struggle with vertigo, I would LOVE for you to give these suggestions a try, and then give me some feedback. The Members Only Page is a great place to share your success stories!

I all love to see how folks are using their oils successfully and then, when someone else searches for the same issue, they are able to find your thread and get some great info.

Thanks for reading!

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Abby Wilkey is a trained doula. She has worked alongside a homebirth midwife and also birthed her two boys at home. She is a stay at home wife to a loving paramedic. Abby loves using Young Living essential oils for her family’s health and wellness. In her past time you can find her sipping coffee (with a straw to protect those pearly brights!) or baking homemade bread and donuts! Abby is not a doctor, physician, or chiropractor. Therefore, she cannot treat, diagnose, or prescribe treatment for any issues. What she can do is speak from experience and wisdom while also seeking knowledge through scientific studies and research. 


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  1. I will be trying this. I have suffered for 10 years, spent thousands on doctor visits and endured many tests…still no answers!!! Thanks for the research and the tip 🙂

    1. Did you receive positive results from this? I am desperate for relief as I am not even able to work right now due to vertigo! Ready to try anything!

      1. Hello!
        Myself and my father have suffered from vertigo from r years! I too am passionate about plants, herbs and all natural things.
        I created this blend a few months back and it’s worked well for me, a few friends and my daughter’s teachers.
        Vertigo oil blend ….I made this blend after a few experiments:
        Essential oil (about 4 drops each oil) blend of: basil, ginger, clove, wild orange, lime, peppermint, rosemary, copaiba, and frankincense
        In fractioned coconut oil… 10ml roller bottle
        Roll behind ear, jawline, wrist and bottom of feet…. hope this helps ????

    2. Same here. I can’t believe there is not more research for treatment of vertigo, dizinness, and the killing tinnitus. Although these conditions are not deadly like cancer they can make your life so miserable that you may want to go! I have seen many doctors they are so uninterested in trying to connect the dots especially in Phoenix. Boston is excellent, as is chicago but Phoenix is pathetic. BNI Barrow Neurological Institute is inaccessible. I don’t understand. As if my condition was not serious enough.

    3. It could be Meniere’s Disease. That’s what my doctors have decided I have.
      However I’ll be trying this recipe to see if it helps.

  2. I woke up with vertigo this morning so I am trying these oils – will let ya know who I am doing in the morning.

    1. I’ve been suffering for over 2 months now with vertigo. Can’t eat been living on ensures my Dr supplied to me. I’ve been hospitalized overnight. While they did an MRI and bloodwork to rule out stroke. I’ve been experimenting with my young living oils and have found that ginger works wonders for both the nausea and the dizziness. I tried the other suggested oils in the beginning. My best luck was the ginger. Plus diffusing peppermint. Thought I’d just offer my own experience thanks

  3. In my experience, when having a vertigo attack, I would never be able to get these oils, read the labels, and apply as needed. I do however use these oils as a preventative. I’m experimenting. So far, so good.

  4. I would love to try your mixture of essential oils for vertigo. I was in an auto accident 8 years ago, fracturing my C3, since I have suffered many medical issues. Vertigo is an ongoing issue. I have just finished 4 months of physical therapy with no relief. At this time I am willing to try most anything in hopes of finding something to relieve this vertigo.

    1. I have had chronic vertigo off and on for 15 years. Specialty ear, nose, and throat doctors treat it. But most essential to treatment is to go to an occupational therapist who can do “adjustments” along with exercises you can do to retrain your brain. Vertigo is a condition of the Tubes in your ears where crystals become dislodged and cause an imbalance which causes dizziness. You can also get this from sinus in your ears (allergies) or from the aura from a migraine. Finding a dr might be the biggest challenge but getting someone to refer you to an occupational therapist is the solution. And return again if you get into a car accident or fall which can bring it back

  5. Just for clarification, vertigo is different from dizziness. Vertigo is the sense that the room is spinning around you, and severe attacks are completely debilitating. I have Ménière’s disease, of which vertigo was my primary symptom. I’ve had a surgery that has given me the gift of being primarily free from vertigo for now, but will keep these in my arsenal for the future!

  6. I haven’t tried the oils yet but my Dr. directed me to a YouTube video by a Dr. Foster that gives exercises to help regain balance that have worked really well for me.

  7. I get Vertigo sporadically. It’s so debilitating. I’ve never tried any type of essential oils for anything. I’m a total newbie. I’m going to try this combination though & see if it works for me. Thank you for researching this for everyone!!!

  8. I have had vertigo for many years n still do I take meclizine over the counter twice / three times a day for this half pill whole makes me sleep n I use divertigo oil behind my ears also n innhaier w meds in it I got me some ginger oil to try to thank you not a fun thing to live with either

    1. I am using Young Living essential oils for mine and just now reading this blog and I have all these so i will be mixing up a batch in my roller bottle. I’ve had vertigo since 2003 and it’s never gone away, so many doctors, glad i happened upon this thread. They say nothing happens by accident so I guess we were all meant to be here! ????
      Good luck!

  9. I have suffered intermittently from Vertigo for the past 10 years. I have tried prescription medicine (antivert) and also over the counter motion sickness pills, sometimes they work, sometimes not. I attended a Yoga Class that also uses essential oils one evening; I entered the class with vertigo and I left the class WITHOUT vertigo. I asked the Yoga Instructor which oil may have been the cure and she said Frankincense. I bought a bottle and put one drop on my head every day and I have not had vertigo since. I am a firm believer and will continue to use Frankencense every day .