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I have so much to say, but will try not to bore you with elaborate details and will just stick to the most important parts of my story, so here it goes.

At 32 weeks of my pregnancy I woke up in the middle of the night in a puddle. I knew my water had broke. I woke my husband up and we quickly got ready to head to the hospital. I had just received my Young Living starter kit a week prior and I made sure it came with me.

We arrived at the hospital and they checked me for everything. My water was indeed broken, but there were no signs of labor. They checked the baby and he was fine, so they sent me off to a room to stay until either A) I went into labor or B) They induced me. They told me most women go into labor on their own within 48 hours so until then they gave me steroids for my soon-to-be preemie and put me on antibiotics to prevent infection. If I didn’t go into labor on my own, they would induce me at 34 1/2 weeks.

I’ve always been a calm person, and my faith is solid. So I wasn’t worried, but I was surrounded by strangers and being pumped full of drugs and going to be spending who knew how many days in a hospital. (I was covered in prayer by my entire church, family, and friends, so please do not discount the power of God in all of this! But I do believe these oils to be a gift from God.)

So I decided, through prayer, that I was not going to have this baby until they induced me. I was going to be the most calm person in the hospital. My husband had to return to work the next day and so I was left alone. I got up that morning, showered and then began a routine that I would do every single day. After my shower I covered my stomach and chest in coconut oil and lavender. After that I put frankincense and lavender on my face then got dressed.

Then I filled my diffuser with whatever I was in the mood for. Often times I used thieves, purification, lemon, and peppermint to clean the hospital air and leave a refreshing smell. In the evenings I would put on lavender and joy.

The nurses noticed and my room quickly became their favorite to visit. They would walk in and immediately take a deep breath. They’d ask about the oils, and smell the different bottles. I wasn’t selling oils then. I had no desire to sell oils. But I was promoting them by simply using them.

One night a new nurse came in and instead of going to the computer to check my vitals, she walked over to my couch and sat down. She took a deep breath and said, “They told me I needed to come sit in your room and now I know why.” My room was therapeutic. She told me she’d been in a car wreck on her way to work and was still a little freaked out. No one was hurt, but it was scary. So she sat in my room for a good fifteen minutes to allow herself to calm down. We chatted about God and life, but it began with the welcoming aromas of the oils.

My room was my sanctuary. It was my home away from home and thanks to the oils it felt relaxing. I would have gone crazy if I’d have had to sit there everyday smelling the awful hospital smell with my pregnant (overly sensitive) nose!
 Drops of Faith_Lavender_flower_fields_smells good_nerves_0030_600px
And I’m happy to report I kept that baby in. They induced me at 34 1/2 weeks and I delivered a 6.2 lbs baby boy. He spent a week in nicu just because he was early and they were a little crazy there. He was honestly completely healthy from day one and ended up surpassing everything from breathing to eating.
hospital 4
By the time I left the hospital, nearly a month later, I was completely in love with my oils! I am a breast feeding mom who doesn’t want to pop pills. So for my allergies or colds or aches and pains, I turn to my oils. When I have a fussy baby, I turn to my oils. When my 4yo and 6yo have the sniffles, I turn to my oils.
hospital 5
My family has gotten used to my common phrase, “There’s an oil for that!” When my husband says his stomach hurts, I just smile and say, “There’s an oil for that!” Then, I pull out my Di-Gize. When my daughter gets bitten by an ant, “There’s an oil for that!”, and I put Mel-A on it.  Anytime we leave the house, I cover my son in coconut oil and lavender. What can I say, we all love our Young Living Essential Oils.

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Amber Mauldin
Rydal, Georgia
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Amber Mauldin
Amber Mauldin is the author of PERFECTLY BROKEN: A Memoir of Rape and Redemption. Her website is (www).amber-mauldin(.)com She’s the mother of three, happily married, and enjoys serving at her church.
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  1. I live in Rydal too! I loved your testimony! I just started using oils and am learning more all the time. Thank you for your testimony! God bless you!