The Great Magnifier: Copaiba

Copaiba has a mild aroma with the most anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed that it strengthens or intensifies the properties of the oils it is blended with. Therefore, I added it to my pain cream when I was dealing with tennis elbow (tendonitis) and nothing seemed to help. Copaiba tends to penetrate deep into the body.

Unlike any other essential oil, Copaiba is tapped directly from the tree rather than distilled; similar to how rubber and maple are obtained. Once tapped, the copaiba resin is distilled to produce a clear essential oil that has a rich, uplifting, woody smell. Only copaiba essential oil found near the Amazon rain forest basin contains the optimal natural compounds needed for a Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oil. Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer testing shows copaiba contains high levels of beta caryophyllene, gamma elemene, and alpha humalene, which aids the natural processes of redness and irritation of body tissue. Traditionally used in Native American recipes, today copaiba is featured in European and North American pharmacopeias.

This powerful essential oil is recognized for aiding digestion and supporting the body’s natural response to injury or irritation.

The main ingredient in Stress Away ™ essential oil blend, Copaiba can be used aromatically to promote a sense of calm.

Aromatic: Inhale directly or diffuse as desired to help create a positive, calm atmosphere.

Topical: Dilution is not necessary, except for the most sensitive skin. Apply after exercise, upon waking, or as desired. Mix 2–4 drops into a moisturizer and apply to face, neck, hips, stomach, arms, and thighs to nourish the skin and promote a youthful appearance. Copaiba can also amplify the effects of other topical essential oils.

Other: For an all-natural hair masque that nourishes both hair and scalp, combine ½ avocado, 1 egg yolk, 2–4 drops of Copaiba essential oil, and 1–2 drops of Rosemary essential oil in a blender. Distribute through hair, massage into scalp, and wrap hair in a shower cap. Wait 5–10 minutes. Rinse

CAUTION: If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using.

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WebMD states that Copaiba  is used for treating bronchitis, hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, and bladder infections and other urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is also taken as a stimulant.
More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of copaiba balsam for these uses.

Lithium interacts with COPAIBA BALSAM

Copaiba balsam might have an effect like a water pill or “diuretic.” Taking copaiba balsam might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Talk with your healthcare provider before using this product if you are taking lithium. Your lithium dose might need to be changed.


Copaiba Essential Oil



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  1. Thank you so much for your informative article. I have Fibromyalgia and tried Copaiba for the first time today. It was amazing! Sincerely,