Anyone ever tried drinking the weight loss trio (lemon, grapefruit & peppermint) in your water? WOWZERS!! That is some potent stuff right there! So I tried less of the peppermint…less of the grapefruit….just the grapefruit…..just the lemon. Then I was to the point that I was to 1 to 2 drops of the lemon or the grapefruit (which taste AMAZING!!) but kinda defeats the purpose of the weight lossTRIO! LOL But I still wanted a little something in my water and so I found orange!! YUMMY!!


And then I decided to start putting a few drops in my green tea after i took my cleansing pills from . Game changer right there!! Green tea is healthy for you plus adding the benefits of Orange essential oil. AND NOW…. I no longer want coffee or sodas. Um yes yes YES!!

Orange Essential Oil

Now, I have learned that I can diffuse it, along with Thieves, of the morning and it helps to add a little more sunshine to our get up and go routine. As if thats not enough, rumor has it that it can also help ease nauseous feelings (are you picking up what I’m hinting at all you precious, sick expectant Mommas?) and perhaps even aid on a cellular level!!

Young Living’s Orange essential oil is now a staple at our house!

If you’re ready to start on your oil journey I would love to help you!

Donna Wysong #1900054

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    1. You should be just fine. Keep in mind though that you don’t want to overwhelm your system, so start slow. And just like with any other weightless or detox program, we really should give our bodies a rest every once in a while and also watch what we are putting in them to start with. Thank you for your questions!