Alrighty! So, I have my oils, and I am loving them! Now I want to dig deeper. I think I need this, then I read I need that, and here I sit looking at somewhere in the realms of the 400 products that Young Living has to offer. Even after that I still can get overwhelmed and easily side tracked….look squirrel!!

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Then, I heard about the Zyto scanner and how it reads your body’s energy levels to help guide you in the direction of what your body needs to “even things out”. Because the energy levels within our systems change so frequently, it is best to get a reading every few weeks to a month but not more frequent than every 3 days. And all you have to do is sit in a chair, place you hand on the Zyto scanner, and relax. (Mommas, did you hear me, I’m giving you permission to take a 15 minute break every month!)


Here is the best part: It even works on kids! Their little hands just have to be big enough to reach the points on the scanner, and they are good to go! I love this! It is so difficult to know just what our little ones are struggling with, and I feel like this gives us an inside look.

But wait there is more! Before you start searching where you can find this service at, our team, Drops of Faith, now has our own scanner! Woohoo! We are shipping it all over the U.S. in an attempt to reach the majority of our members. It is currently in Chattanooga, TN/Ringgold, GA area and will be traveling between there and Cartersville, GA between now and the end of May. Then it will be headed to our Kansas area members and will be in St Peters MO shortly after that. This little machine is going to be on the move this summer. So please leave us a comment below or ask about it in our Facebook group if you would like to have a scan.


Due to the cost of the machine plus the monthly maintenance on it, we will have to charge a minimal fee. I am so excited that we are now able to offer this opportunity to our team! And a special thanks to Kay Thompson for affording our team this amazing experience!

Donna Wysong

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  1. Yes!!! I would like the Zyto scan and am sure Myndi would like it also. Please let us know what we need to do. Thank you