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Frankincense is probably the one essential oil we have all heard about. You may have  fond memories of being gathered around your Christmas trees and hearing about the birth of Christ and the gifts the wise-men brought Him; one of which was Frankincense. Frankincense is considered a holy, anointing oil. It is stillused and diffused in churches today. Because of it’s holy background, Frankincense is great to diffuse while reading your Bible, praying, or to wear to church. It helps center and focus our mind on Christ.


FrankVertFrankincense is a great addition to your skincare.  Many folks use it in homemade face wash and/or moisturizer recipes. It has been known to help lighten spots that naturally occur from sun exposure. It can bring the youthful appearance back to your face and skin and is entirely safe with zero chemicals.

For supporting your respiratory system, take a drop of Frankincense and rub on your chest or throat.

Not sure which of your systems is needing support? No worries! Just rub a drop of Frankincense on the bottom of your feet and let your intelligent body send it to the correct area needing support.

I love how God designed and created us. I love using Frankincense to help me feel my best healthy me. I know you will also love this amazing essential oil from Young Living.


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  1. Since Frankincense is such a healing oil, I love to use it in my lip balm and facial moisturizer!! It helps so much with my dry lips and my dry skin.

  2. It took me a while to really appreciate Frankincense. I would open the bottle and smell it every once in a while but now I use it quite a bit! Such a wonderful oil!

  3. This is my fav oil. I diffuse every night . I notice a difference in my son’s attitude if we don’t use it.

  4. I put it in my morning face serum, on scars, and diffuse it for calming effect. I also like to diffuse it when I do my Bible study.

  5. This is an oil we use with care. We don’t want to ever run out. It’s an excellent oil to use to promote healthy skin. We have a bar of everything cream (coconut oil and frankincense) we use on a near daily basis.