Copaiba Essential Oil from Young Living is one that you never realized how much you would be using it.  This is actually distilled from the resin much like Frankincense.  In Brazil, more specifically the Amazon Region, where this plant is native, it is has been used for body system support since the 16th century.


CopaibaVerticleCopaiba is a dietary oil, meaning it can be ingested.  When I am wanting a little bit of over all body support, maybe after I have worked out or when I’ve been sitting at my desk all day, I will add 2-3 drops of copaiba essential oil and some olive oil to a veggie capsule and down the hatch!  Another way I will use this oil is very similar to the way that I use Thieves.  I will mix up a warm cup of tea or water and add a drop of copaiba and honey for a soothing drink.   Copaiba is actually in a lot of Young Living’s other products.  It’s in the Deep Relief Roll-on which is amazing for supporting your muscular system and it’s also in the Breath Again Roll-on which is great for supporting your respiratory system. They even have Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner!  What a versatile oil!!


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  1. 2-3 drops daily in my capsule and in any mix/rub that I need to really enhance the benefits of the oils already included in it.

  2. We have been using alongside Lemongrass to help in supporting the body’s natural response to injury or irritation.

  3. I combine Copaiba and Lemongrass to help with sore muscles, mix it with Oregano and Thieves to make an Immunity Support Roller, Mix it with OrthoSport Massage oil, and put a drop in a capsule with Oregano, Thieves, Frankincense and olive oil when I start to feel my immune system becoming less than perfect.

  4. I was having some issues with my back, so I added this to my capsule and took according to the label. I could tell the days I didn’t take it. Great oil!