Ladies, let’s talk hair care for a few minutes. There have been several hair trends out there that I’m sure you’ve heard of. A few I have tried myself and found were definitely not for me. You may have heard of the “No poo” trend, if not let me put your wondering mind to rest, it just means no SHAMPOO. I was a little unsure when I first heard the name of that one too. Basically, you don’t use commercial shampoo, instead you wash your hair with baking soda. Now I could almost get behind this one, after all, baking soda doesn’t have any of the scary, hard to pronounce chemicals that are in the commercial shampoos, even lots of those labeled “natural”! There is just one problem that I had with this technique: baking soda will strip the build up from your hair (that is a positive thing) but baking soda doesn’t know when the build up is gone and that it is stripping the good, needed things off of and out of your hair (this is a bad thing).

homemade shampoo

In cosmetology school I learned about all sorts of shampoos; color extending, curl hydrating, moisturizing, and clarifying, etc.. All of these shampoos are specialized to meet the needs of just about every hair type out there, the only problem is you aren’t just getting what is advertised on the bottle, you are also getting all those scary, long named chemicals included IN the bottles. Here, learn more about MicroLaserPeel from A&E and SNY Center
Several months ago I decided I wanted to start turning my home in to a chemical free environment. Cleaners were the first to go (thieves cleaner instead), and artificial fragrances (diffuser to the rescue), etc. but when it came to things such as soap and shampoo and lotion I wasn’t sure what to do. So, I started researching! It didn’t take long and I saw how easy it would be to MAKE MY OWN! So first came soap, then lotion, and then I moved on to shampoo. For the ones that have thought of coolsculpting at some point you can find out more about coolsculpting at My Botox LA Med Spa.
When it comes to shampoo there are all sorts of recipes that are out there. I wanted one that would obviously leave me with clean hair, lather, and also leave some moisture in my hair. I found a recipe including Castile soap, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, honey, and coconut milk! I knew that these ingredients would meet all my needs but to make it even better I would be adding my Young Living Essential Oils. I have THICK, naturally wavy, semi-unruly hair. I have also had two babies and been their vessel and source of nutrition for almost 3 years solid, so my once luscious locks have taken a huge hit. My oils of choice for this recipe were cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary. I also added a dropper full of Argan oil.
Now I will say if you make this shampoo, give it a few tries before making your decision about it. This recipe will leave you with clean hair that is also moisturized, so you may see that you don’t require conditioner, or maybe as much conditioner as you did before. The first time I used it I still conditioned and it was a bit too much. After cutting out the conditioner I felt that it was lacking just a bit, so I decided on conditioner on the VERY ENDS only. That has worked for me, you may find that what works for you is different. So give it a few tries. Another amazing thing about this recipe is you can tailor it to meet your needs with different essential oils, win win! After using this shampoo I have noticed shiny, fuller, healthy looking hair! The best part is I am not using any of those commercial shampoos and I have gotten even more chemicals out of my home! I hope you have success with this shampoo as well, feel free to tweak it to meet your needs.

Homemade Shampoo Recipe:
1/2 cup Castile soap
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup honey
1 TBSP Vitamin E oil
2 TBSP Fractionated Coconut oil
20 drops of Young Living Essential Oils
I used 5 each: Lavender, Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Rosemary
(I also added 1 dropper of Argan oil)

Whisk ingredients together in a glass bowl then add to an empty shampoo bottle or a bottle with a pump top. This is a thinner shampoo so start with a single squirt and add more as needed.

Enjoy your new shampoo and

Jessica Vice
Jessica Vice

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