Energy…. ya’ll I ALWAYS need more energy, and even more so while expecting!


So here we are in a new home, cross country from all friends and family, chasing 3 other littles, working an at home business that consists of over 1,000 members, homeschooling and all of this on top of my normal house keeping. And if that’s not enough, the family thinks they need to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks.! What’s up with that?! LOL

needing energy during pregnancy

So what’s a Momma to do?  Glad you asked!!  Not so certain I would call my life normal but here’s what I did, my “super mom sock cape” engaged!

  1. Ningxia Red! I know that I have mentioned this one in some of my other posts but seriously ya’ll this one not only helps to balance a healthy blood sugar level but it also gives you energy!  And not the energy drink or shot of coffee kind, but rather the kind that sneaks up on you and you don’t even realize its there! There is no “crash” and honestly you don’t really notice just how much energy you’re receiving from this power house drink until you skip a day and then “wham!” you’ve been hit by the exhausted bus!  (Side note this stuff is so good that YL even made a Ningxia Red starter kit!)Ningxia Red
  2. Water! Drink plenty of it! I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at me cause that is what EVERYONE keep telling you, but seriously, did you know that one of the signs of dehydration is tiredness and “foggy brain?” So bottoms up and just keep jugging that water (adding in a drop of grapefruit or orange vitality. orange lime grapefruit vitality
  3. Zyng! This is Young Living’s “energy drink” and I LOVE IT!! If you’re looking for wholesome, hydrating, oil infused awesomeness that is also good for you, then look no further! It consists of wolf berries, ningxia red, white tea extract, sparkling water, pear and blackberry juices, and a hint of Lime and Black Pepper essential oils. You’ll enjoy a refreshing boost that’s full of flavor without all that “junk” thats not even real food anyways. 😉   NingXia Zyng delivers 35 mg of naturally occurring caffeine and only 35 calories per can. Hip hip hooray! This means I can drink it, not feel bad about it, and have the energy I need to make it throughout my afternoon and on to bedtime! 20273780848_a0c38332cf_z
  4. motivation energy pregnancy diffuse itMotivation!!  This was one of my favorite oils to diffuse during the days I just couldn’t get myself going. This little bottle of oil is a blend consisting of: Roman Chamomile, Spruce, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender. This oil seriously helped to kick me out of my procrastinating funk that I would get my self into cause I was always “too tired”. Then boom! bunk beds would get built and we’ll have additional Bedroom Furniture, the house would be clean again, and my tribe would actually have a home cooked “good for them” meal again!
  5. sleep - finding more energy during pregnancySleep! Ladies you need more rest, specially while expecting so give yourself some grace and schedule to be in bed earlier.  It would be no big surprise if right after dinner, I would soak in a bath, then grab a book, head on to bed and read to my little growing peanut for about 30 mins and calling it a night by 9 or 9:30. You all, seriously, remember you are growing a precious miracle inside of you and that takes energy.  (Diffusing lavender, cedar wood and sometimes both helped with a more restful sleep cause it doesn’t count as sleep if your just laying in bed tossing and a turning… no cheating now!) This will help in energy healing.
  6. tranquil sleep pregnancy finding energyTranquil Roll On  – (yeah I know sleep is technically getting 2 bullet points but “roll with me” here). This relaxing roll on consists of lavender, cedar wood and roman chamomile and YL already put it in a roller bottle for us, cause they knew…. they knew by the end of the last trimester we were going to be miserable and I don’t know why we aren’t warned of this but its true. Your belly has gotten so big and that little one inside is running out of room and dag gone it there simply is no longer a way to lay down and be comfy. Its ok you’re not alone! Pillows and lots of them, prop yourself up the best you can and roll a little tranquil on your wrists, have the diffuser going, read, drink some night time tea and pray. I’ll be praying for you too! You’re almost there and I promise when you get to see your sweet little one for the very first time this will have all been worth it!

Until next time dear friends,

Donna Wysong

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PS the amazing photos are by the ever so talented Alicia Wendland with Once Upon Arrival: Birth Story Photography. Be sure to catch all of my “expecting joy” posts to see even more of her amazing work!

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  1. Donna I love your article here. Wonderful info for the mommies to be. The article just about made me want to go thru with the mommy trip again. Well almost. Great inf. I think we older ( MUCH OLDER) mothers would be able to us the oils in your article to just give us a zip for our day too….as we get older our energy level goes down so why not give it a try and just see what our houses think of us. Our hubbies will like a much cleaner and organized home. Thanks a bushel my dear niece. Aunt Janet